"RENT" Token Operation

The 1st real estate transaction
between two individuals on the Blockchain

6th of November at RENT Exhibition

On Novembre 6th, 2019, Equisafe and Masteos completed the first real estate transaction between two individuals on the Blockchain technology. The transaction, recorded at RENT Exhibition specialized in real estate innovations, is a first step towards the democratization of rental investment which can now be made in just a few clicks and regardless of the bank profile or individual credit score.


25% of French working individuals (who work on fixed-term contracts or on a freelance basis) cannot obtain bank loans to invest in rental investments.
On the other hand, some people hold a borrowing capacity which they do not exploit.

Our solution

« Monetize the borrowing capacity applied to rental investments, and make it accessible to all, through a peer-to-peer platform powered by Blockchain technology»

Bilal El Alamy, CEO @ EquiSafe
Tanguy de Ferrières, Blockchain Director @ Masteos

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1st Pilot : RENT Token Operation

Paul is a freelance graphic designer willing to invest in rental property. Without a permanent contract, he is not able to borrow.

Input : cash
Output : leveraged property investment

Florent is a lawyer with a permanent contract. He was able to borrow to invest in a rental property last year. He is today short on cash.

Input: leveraged property investment
Output : cash

Through this transaction, Paul benefits from Florent’s borrowing capacity to invest in a rental property, and on the other hand, Florent was able to monetize and trade a part of his rental investment in exchange for cash.

Interested ? Which profile do you correpond to?

Tell us more about your profile to be informed as soon as the Beta version is released

I bought with a bank loan a rental property less than five years ago and I want to sell part of it in exchange for cash.

I am today frustrated of not being able to borrow to invest in rental properties. I have at least €2,000 in cash.

I currently have  a permanent contract and I am not exploiting my entire borrowing capacity. I’m willing to monetize it and sell it to those who do not have access to it.

Swap it - Platform

Rental investment sharing across individuals through Blockchain technology

For property owners

Unlock capital: Fractionalize and monetize your rental property investment

Portfolio diversification: Reallocate your rental portfolio across different national and international markets

For investors

Property owner in 3 clicks: become a property owner in 6 min vs. 6 months

Leveraged investment: access to borrowing capacity, even  without a permanent contract


Running a series of pilots ("proof-of-concepts")
before the launch of the platform in Q2 2020

Beta client available
1st pilot execution
2nd pilot execution
Cross border rental swap
Stablecoin integration
MVP launch
International expansion
Execution du 1er pilot

Bêta clients disponible

Exécution du 2ème pilot
Swap de biens à l’étranger

Back-office marketplace
Intégration stablecoin
Lancement MVP

Ouverture à

One transaction, 3 partners

To democratize the access to rental investment, in a few clicks

Pioneer digital investment platform that achieved the 1st real estate transaction between professionals in Europe via Blockchain technology

Proptech company aiming at reinventing the rental property investment market

A lawyers and notaries firm engaged in digital issues (structuration and tokenization of real estate companies)